September 22, 2021
From Plant-Based News

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VFC Ltd, a vegan fried chick*n brand, is expanding into the US, in order to meet growing consumer demand.

The protein pioneer is bringing its crispy vegan options, including Fillets, Bites, and Popcorn Chick*n to quick-service restaurants across the country.

VFC’s expansion into the US

As part of the expansion, restaurants are to be offered VFC’s high-protein products in bulk at 22lbs a box.

The vegan fried chick*n is made from wheat protein in a southern fried crispy corn flaked coating and boasts to offer the same well-known and well-loved flavors from traditional fried chicken found in fast-food joints.

Founder Matthew Glover, who is also the brains behind Veganuary, said: “The US gave the world KFC, and we’re keen to return the favor with VFC – an alternative which is kinder to animals and our planet.”

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‘We’re thrilled to enter the US foodservice market. Since launching in the UK only last year, we have gone from strength to strength with huge demand from both retailers and restaurants, with added interest from over 50 other countries.

‘This goes to show that we have a brand and a product that people really love and that we are ready to shift up a gear’, he told PBN.


Glover’s investment firm Veg Capital has also helped to launch more than 25 plant-based companies.

With VFC being just one of those, the expansion comes as a celebration for the businessman.

While the products are currently being launched, availability is yet to be confirmed. However, the company is hoping to release them before the end of this year.

You can find out more about VFC here