January 20, 2022
From Main Street Vegan

Episode 463, original air date January 19th, 2022, on Unity Online Radio. Listen now at UOR, on your favorite podcast app.

The One-Way Ticket Show podcaster Steven Shalowitz invites guests to go anywhere, real or imagined, and he shares in this episode about his very real vegan travels and how he helped an Afghan refugee get out of the country. In segment 2, Sunny Satva dishes on the Vegan Africa Fund, investing in burgeoning plant-based businesses on the continent through VAF eco-friendly cryptocurrency. (And if crypto baffles you, she gives the best explanation I’ve ever heard: it’s like GoogleDocs for finance.)

More about our guests:
Steven Shalowitz is the Host of “The One Way Ticket Show” podcast. On it, he explores with his acclaimed and accomplished guests where they would go if given a one-way ticket, no coming back, whether past, present, future, real, imaginary or state of mind. He is also a vegan and a world traveller who enjoys venturing to off the grid countries.

Where to find him:
Website: https://www.theonewayticketshow.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/theonewayticketshow

Instagram: @theonewayticketshow

Twitter: @towtshow

The Vegan Africa Fund is a venture capital initiative focused on scaling community-driven vegan ventures across Africa, with operations powered by the eco-friendly VAF impact crypto. Our mission is to make veganism accessible in Africa while helping eco-entrepreneurs scale their production to provide high-value products for export to the global vegan community.
Where to find them:
Website: https://veganafricafund.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/theveganafricafund

Instagram: https://instagram.com/veganafricafund

Twitter: https://twitter.com/veganafricafund

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Source: Mainstreetvegan.net