August 23, 2021
From The Vegan Kind

UK’s second-biggest supplier of biscuits Burton’s Biscuit Co. has launched a vegan version of its Maryland Cookies, the nation’s favourite cookie brand. With the new product the company aims to meet increasing demand for mainstream vegan-friendly products. 

Burton’s Biscuit Co has removed Whey powder from the cookies recipe making them safe to consume by vegans and those with a milk allergy.

With a 40% increase in people switching to veganism in the last year alone, and over 22m following a flexitarian diet, Burton’s promises the new vegan cookies will offer consumers following a plant-based diet a little more indulgence and excitement in their biscuit tin.

Alice Boardman, Senior Brand Manager from Burton’s Biscuit Co told TheVeganKind: “Consumers are looking for easy-to-find Vegan products that are more exciting than a plain biscuit and are not commanding the premium price often associated with vegan friendly products. Our new packs with clear front of pack messaging and green plant-based design will allow vegan shoppers to easily navigate the biscuit aisle to a suitable choice, without relying on the back of pack.

“Maryland is synonymous with great tasting cookies and we’re not compromising on taste when it comes to our new Vegan Cookies. We’re proud to now be able to offer the same great taste of our choc chip cookies to vegan and flexitarian biscuit fans. We’re confident that the new vegan cookies will be a popular choice for anyone looking for an exciting vegan chocolate treat.”

Priced at just 65p, the Maryland Vegan Cookies are sure to be a hit with vegan shoppers who are looking for the same great taste as the classic Maryland Choc Chip Cookie, offering the same great value.

Burton’s Biscuits new product launch follows the success of Jammie Dodgers becoming Vegan-friendly in 2020.