July 14, 2023
From Vegconomist

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The Queen Inn, a fully vegan pub in Cwmbran, Wales, has added plant-based lamb by [MOCK] to its summer menu.

The pub is offering three dishes made with the lamb alternative:

  • L*mb rogan josh with rice/chips
  • Minted l*mb skewer salad bowls with potato salad, coleslaw, pickled red cabbage, and quinoa
  • Minted l*mb skewers (available as a side/starter).

[MOCK] first launched its plant-based lamb and chicken alternatives for food service earlier this year. Described as “chef-quality”, the range has been specially created for professional chefs and food service operators. The lamb alternative won Best Whole Cut Product at the Food Bev Awards last November.

All [MOCK] products are said to be able to withstand the high heat of a barbecue without disintegrating or sticking; they also have a fibrous nature that allows marinades to penetrate, and have been developed to retain moisture during cooking. The meat alternatives can be cooked from frozen in just eight minutes.

© The Queen Inn/[MOCK]

“Pioneering pub”

The Queen Inn initially trialled a fully vegan menu for Veganuary 2022. After receiving an “astonishing response”, with the pub fully booked for the entire month, the owners decided to make the change permanent.

For this year’s Veganuary, the pub decided to become what it described as “the world’s first vegan steakhouse”. The options now on offer include Redefine Meat’s 3D-printed steaks and Juicy Marbles’ filet mignon.

“We are delighted that a pioneering pub like The Queen Inn has put [MOCK] Lamb Pieces centre stage in its summer menu,” said [MOCK] founder Harpreet Gill. “As a team, we’re constantly striving to ensure our products meet the high standards of both consumers and chefs, alongside pricing that’s comparable to animal meat and commercially sustainable, and as Ryan Edwards and his customers at the Queen Inn will confirm, [MOCK] Lamb Pieces do just that.”

Source: Vegconomist.com