June 4, 2021
From Vegans News


Lisbon-based shoe brand Undo for Tomorrow launched its vegan shoes brand “Nuven” which includes a diverse sole produced using disposed party balloons and tire leftovers. The shoes are made utilizing other reused and characteristic materials like bamboo for the covering, economically sourced Amazon Rainforest rubber for the toe covers, castor oil for the insole, and reused plastic for the vegan leather external shell.

The shoes are unisex and accessible in four color alternatives: Vanilla Rainbow, Desert Camel, Dark Gray, and Black Bird. 

The startup’s objective when planning the shoe was to consolidate the solace of performance shoes with the style and state of easygoing shoes. The shoes are likewise planned with very light materials and are water repellent. 

Undo for Tomorrow works with a family-possessed manufacturing plant in São Paulo, Brazil, where environmental duties, human and social rights, and great working conditions and wages are vital. They also utilize materials provided for the most part from inside the Brazilian homegrown market. 

Dispatched through crowdfunding site Indiegogo, the Nuven shoes are being sold for €74 ($91US) with worldwide delivery beginning August 2021. Fix for Tomorrow’s crowdfunding effort has raised more than $87,000—in excess of multiple times its underlying $10,000 objective. 

The worldwide footwear industry is both inefficient and brutal with its utilization of materials like plastic, petrol, and animal leather. Various new businesses are changing the manner in which shoes are generally made, considering morals and supportability and utilizing reused and sustainable materials. 


Large names are getting into eco-footwear, as well. Adidas likewise as of late revealed the Mylo Stan Smith, a vegan adaptation of its notorious Stan Smith shoes made with mushroom leather.

The shoes were made in association with Bolt Threads, which provided Mylo—vegan leather produced using mycelium, the quickly developing root frameworks of mushrooms. The material is sustainable, harmless to the ecosystem, and performs precisely similarly as conventional leather however without animal cruelty. 

Furthermore, the vegan products trend is venturing into practical footwear, also. Climbing brand So iLL is delivering a line of biodegradable vegan shoes made with green algae. Made in organization with entertainer Jason Momoa—of Aquaman and Game of Thrones popularity—the iLL x On The Roam Collection highlights vegan shoes including an insole made by BLOOM Foam, an organization that transforms green algae growths into manageable materials. 


Source: Vegansnews.com