October 1, 2021

“I’ll go on and on about how fantastic traveling with VegVoyages is, but I’ll never be able to do it justice. Getting to know the people and experience the cultures was the best part of the trip. We didn’t feel like tourists; instead, we felt like guests. Being a spectator in a new country may open your eyes, but being a participant will open your heart. And we certainly have come away with open hearts. Thank you for a life-changing journey.”

Kate & Robert Goldhouse (MA, USA)


100% Vegan Meals, 100% Vegan Tours, 100% Vegan Company! At Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages we believe that veganism is about much more than what we eat; it extends to how we treat other people, animals, and the planet. So, our adventures also involve volunteer work at grassroots humanitarian projects, animal rescue centers, and wildlife protection and conservation sanctuaries. We have collaborated with such organizations for years, learning from those on the frontline of protecting people, animals, and the environment.

“If there is one thing in life I must share with the world, it is to recommend VegVoyages. I can’t praise them enough. “

Mark Hussey (Bahamas)

We work to create authentic vegan travel experiences, which give you a nuanced understanding of the country, its people, traditions, culture, and cuisines. When we first contacted many of our current community partners, they had never heard of veganism. Since we began planning tours, we have worked closely with several local families and chefs to “veganize” their best recipes. From buying fresh ingredients to cooking and enjoying the vegan meals together, we make sure each dish is as close as possible to the original recipe. Vegan food is integral to each journey – we guarantee you won’t go hungry! Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages offers an abundance of vegan versions of local dishes made in peoples’ homes, and the opportunity to enjoy vegan feasts at local cafés and restaurants.

Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages adventures focus on cultural immersion, local interaction, bridging cultural gaps, making a positive impact, and eating plenty of vegan food. And even though all our adventures are 100% vegan, of course, all travelers are welcome!

Additionally, Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages is against animal exploitation in any form. We do not use them on our tours for expeditions, rides, or safaris. We also do not visit zoos, “wildlife parks”, aquariums, and profit-oriented “animal sanctuaries”. A founding principle of VegVoyages from the very beginning was and is to create cruelty-free travel experiences in which no living being is exploited in any way, shape, or form.

Source: Vegantravelasia.com