November 30, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Christmas dinner for vegans is no longer a plate of veg and a possible nut roast. There are countless meat alternatives, and this article will highlight some of the best vegan Turkey alternatives available.

SGAIA Garlic & Rosemary Stuffed Roast
A ‘Christmas centerpiece to die for,’ this stuffed roast is handcrafted plant-based meat which is perfect with a roast smothered in gravy, I’m a Boxing Day sandwich or even a New Years’ dinner.

It is made mainly from wheat and is sold in 500g or 1000g and is available on the SGAIA website or in the Vegan Food UK hamper.

Love Seitan Roast Log

Seitan has not been famous for that long. However, over the last year it’s blown up both in restaurants and supermarkets. It is made from hydrated gluten and is favored for the texture, similar to Turkey itself.

Love Seitan has a 1kg roast log with sage and rosemary. This is a softer version of their other logs, making it more tender and flavourful. Fortified with b12 100g will be 50% of your daily b12 requirements.

If this takes your fancy, it is sold on the love Seitan website for £14.99.

Aldi Plant Menu Vegan Turkey

Aldi has rolled out A Turkey Style Soya Joint Filled With Cranberry And Chestnut Stuffing, Wrapped In Smoky Vegan Style Bacon With A Bay Leaf.

Last year the supermarket had a very similar product but without the plant-based bacon.

Aldi is always bringing some budget-friendly options as this plant-based log is £4.79 for 560g.

ASDA’s Extra Special Vegan Turkey Style Joint

ASDA is a firm favorite with vegan shoppers nationwide. The company recently won the 2021 quality food awards for the vegan selection.

This year their vegan Turkey offering contains a base of soya and aromatic sage and caramelised red onion stuffing flavored with herbs and spices to bring warmth to the Christmas table.

This centerpiece costs £5 for 520g, which is advised to serve up to 5 people.

These are just the start of Turkey alternatives, Have you got yours yet?