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VeganBurg Opens 3rd Location in Berkely California With Eyes Set On World Dominance

October 7, 2021
From Vegconomist

VeganBurg Opens 3rd Location in Berkely California With Eyes Set On World Dominance – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • October 7, 2021


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    which was the world’s first plant-based burger joint back in 2010, is celebrating its 11th anniversary by opening its third location in Berkeley, California. The brand, currently located in San Francisco and Singapore, reports that it has plans for international expansion through

    VeganBurg now opens its third location next to Berkeley University, aiming to inspire more science-forward food technology in the progressive district. This July, to shift 50% of its current food expenses from animal-based to plant-based before 2024, and has committed to fully omitting animal products in the long term. The city will start serving vegan food at public events, jails, senior centers and other city buildings.


    VeganBurg, which has been offering the , describes itself as a combination of eastern flavours and western marketing. It introduced ground-breaking marine plant-based protein and nutrients made possible by partnering with Australian listed company Stemcell United (ASX: SCU) and SIT (Singapore Institute Technology), a leader in the research into harnessing ocean nutrients using marine plant biotechnology.

    “Over the past years, we’ve invested time in perfecting the ultimate plant-based burger recipe and gold-standard customer service! VeganBurg has a one-of-a-kind concept that has differentiated itself from other industry brands and we’re committed to growing the brand nationally. And every day, we strive to uphold VeganBurg’s ethos through our food, whether that’s protecting our planet or giving back to the community – it’s all reflected in our franchise. VeganBurg is a very inclusive company, and I have the pleasure of working with a diverse team 24/7.” said CEO and Founder, Alex Tan.


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