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Violife Launches Mozzarella Slices and Tex Mex Grated Cheese For the Festive Season

November 25, 2021
From Vegconomist

Violife Launches Mozzarella Slices and Tex Mex Grated Cheese For the Festive Season – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • November 25, 2021


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    , the UK’s leading vegan cheese brand, has launched two new flavours in time for the festive season — Tex Mex Flavour Grated and round Mozzarella Flavour Slices.

    The spicy Tex Mex Flavour is ideal for dishes like chilli and fajitas, while the Mozzarella Flavour slices can be used in a sandwich or salad and are said to stretch like conventional mozzarella. Both flavours are now available at Waitrose, retailing at £2.65.

    Violife has also recently launched the , which can be baked, fried, or microwaved, and comes with a leaflet of suggested recipes. Additionally, the brand is offering a featuring four flavours — Mozzarella Flavour With Cranberry, EPIC Mature Cheddar Flavour, Smoky Cheddar Flavour, and Crumbly Greek White.

    violife mozzarella
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    Violife has also branched out into other alt-dairy products this year, launching and cream. Following its huge success in the UK, the company is expanding internationally, and its cheese is now used on across the US.

    “At Violife, we’re proud to offer customers new flavours to be enjoyed with loved ones,” said Bianca Harris, Senior Marketing Manager at Violife. “Having recently ventured into plant-based butter and cream, we’re committed to continue innovating the Dairy Alternatives category, and new flavours like the Tex Mex Flavour Grated and Mozzarella Flavour Slices are part of our ongoing mission to provide customers with 100% vegan alternatives that can be enjoyed by everyone.”

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