September 16, 2021
From Vegan Life

What is vitamin D and why do we need it?

With more and more people spending time indoors, due to the pandemic and during winter months, vitamin D deficiency is more prevalent than ever. It is estimated over 1 billion people worldwide suffer from low vitamin D in their blood levels1.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for the body and despite the name is not actually a vitamin but a precursor of a hormone. Renowned for being a vital nutrient for immunity, vitamin D also keeps bones and teeth healthy and helps the body to absorb calcium.

vitamin d

The sun is the best source of vitamin D for the human body. Several factors affect how much vitamin D a person’s body can make from exposure to the sun, such as time of day, geographical location, skin colour and wearing sunscreen.

Unfortunately, getting enough of this critical nutrient is also difficult to get through food with dietary sources of vitamin D limited.

So how do you keep your vitamin D levels topped up?

The UK government recommends ‘adults and children over the age of one should consider taking a daily supplement containing 10µg of vitamin D, particularly during autumn and winter’.

Unfortunately, not all supplements are created equally and it’s therefore important to research a reputable company and the quality of ingredients used.

As leaders in food-based supplementation for over 30 years, Cytoplan has maintained the belief that nature holds the key to health, creating products that work in harmony with the body to optimise health.

Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin 1

Cytoplan’s Vitamin D3 Vegan is derived from a natural plant base of lichen and is the bioavailable form of vitamin D.

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