September 7, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

Restaurant chain Wagamama has announced the launch of its new Plant Pledge campaign.

In a bid to tackle climate change, the restaurant will dedicate 50% of its menu to delicious plant-based dishes.

Wagamama’s Plant Pledge campaign follows the UN’s recent IPCC report which demands urgent and collective action globally.

Moreover, the restaurant chain is urging diners to pledge a ‘small choice for big change’.

Wagamama’s Plant Pledge

Following reports from the UN and Oxford University, the pan-Asian restaurant initiated direct and powerful action to tackle climate change.

To understand what their customers wanted, Wagamama commissioned a survey that revealed 80% of us acknowledge eating more plants is important to curbing climate

However, many argued the biggest obstacles to switching to a plant-based diet including not wanting to give up favourite meat dishes and not having enough choice.

As a result, Wagamama’s Global Executive Chef Steve Mangleshot and his team have announced that from October 6, 50% of the menu will be officially plant-based.

Additionally, guests will be encouraged to pledge a ‘small choice for a big change’. Whether that is trialling plant-based for the first time or making one meal a week plant-based.

Participants of the Plant Pledge will be offered a free vegan side when they join to encourage their journey.

Wagamama’s vegan menu will include favourites such as vegan katsu curry, vegan chilli ‘squid’, vegan ‘ribs’, and watermelon ‘tuna’.

The chain has previously collaborated with vegan chef Gaz Oakley to launch the high-streets first vegan ‘egg’.

“We’re making choices big and small at a business level to tread more lightly on the planet”

In a statement made to Vegan Food & Living, Wagamama CEO Thomas Heier said: “At Wagamama, we’re making choices big and small at a business level to tread more lightly on the planet.

“Now, it’s time we use our platform to ask guests to join that journey with us.”

The CEO added that the company believes in the collective power of “small choices for big change.”

In addition, Senior Sustainability Analyst at Friends of the Earth, Clare Oxborrow, shared: “Broadening menus so that plant-based food is the first option, or a desirable one, is a great thing to do.

“The Plant Pledge campaign is well placed to dispel the notion that food that’s kind to the planet isn’t appealing, so it’s a really welcome one.”

Guests can sign up to the Wagamama Plant Pledge on its website.

We are so thrilled to see Wagamama use its platform to campaign for necessary change.

Seeing established restaurants dedicate their menu to providing sustainable plant-based options to tackle climate change will hopefully encourage more businesses to do the same.

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