November 1, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

The wait is over as the new Cadbury plant bar is in stores today

Image: Vegan Food UK

After posting a public apology for taking so long to release a vegan-friendly milk bar. Cadbury’s have released their new plant bars in Sainsbury’s stores today, on world Vegan day.

We got our hands on the bars today and were not disappointed. It was worth the wait for the wow factor it gave us. The Bars didn’t have as big chunks as we remember but for vegan milk chocolate, it definitely impressed.

The Bars come in salted caramel or plain and are priced at £2.50 each. The salted caramel has little nibs of hard caramel and the plain bar is simply smooth chocolate. Both bars have a creamy texture from the almond paste which also creates the original sweetness of the dairy milk Cadbury bar, without giving off an almond taste.

There have been very limited sightings of these new bars so keep your eyes peeled in your local store and be sure to tag us on Instagram if you find it.

Comments on the above Vegan Food UK post include lots of people commenting how they ‘Need to find this ASAP‘ and others saying ‘I got mine yesterday’.

However, lots of followers were upset that their local Sainsbury’s haven’t stocked them, saying ‘(it’s) not in my Sainsbury’s yet’.

Have you managed to spot them yet?