November 16, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

We tried the Vurger. co’s new vegan crackling burger, and this is what we thought

This week we tried the new vegan crackling burger from ‘The Vurger. Co’. It is a November special, selling in Canary Wharf, Shoreditch and Brighton.

Upon hearing about vegan crackling, we were intrigued about how the crispness and snap would be recreated. It was advertised as crispy, but we didn’t quite get the crispness when trying the burger. Instead, the texture was more of a sweet and sticky situation.

The taste was still excellent, and the sausage styled patty made a fantastic vegan alternative to a meat burger, but the crackling aspect didn’t live up to expectations, and we’re not sure if meat-eaters would be as impressed.

Other items on the menu include a selection of 5 burgers, salad bowls, sweet potato and regular fries, stator tots, shroom dippers, crispy dippers and two variations of mac ‘n’ cheese.

Have you tried this vegan crackling yet? What did you think?