October 15, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Pie Hole Pizza ‘The best NY pizza this side of the Atlantic’ sell their pizzas by the slice or by the whole pie!

From corn dogs to mac n cheeze, Pie Hole Pizzeria has all the vegan comfort food anyone needs and you won’t leave disappointed.

We recently went to Pie Hole Pizzeria in Southend-on-Sea as we’d heard some epic reviews of their food and menu.

Their menu has amazing sounding pizza flavours on there and we were blown away by their amazing sides too.

My Neck, My Mac

We started off with some Garlic Knots (Dough knots drenched in garlic and herb butter) and were also brought some corn dogs for us to try!

The corn dogs were amazing and we found out that the sausages they use are Moving Mountains sausages. They also make their own corn batter which makes the world of difference.

We also tried the Nacho Mac & Cheeze and it was very very tasty. The sriracha sauce and crispy onions on top add something special to it.

George, Laura & Dan

You can buy the pizza here either by the slice or the whole pizza. You can have 15″ or 20″ and can do half and half or 4 different flavours on a 20″ if you’d like too!

We wanted to try their most popular toppings so Laura and Dan made us a huge pizza up which had their best selling flavours on; My Neck, My Mac, Rock Out With Your Broc Out, Don’t Ladou The Crime AND their special the Roho Mofo.

Honestly, what an amazing place, run by absolute legends. We’ll definitely be back again but what catches your eye from their awesome menu that we need to try next time?

Source: Veganfooduk.co.uk