October 18, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

The UK’s first urban farm-to-table pizza pop-up (and it’s vegan!)

Purezza and Samsung teamed up to show people how easy it is to eat fresh and sustainably. They created three immersive domes in a Dalston warehouse growing tomatoes, mushrooms, rocket and basil.

The Samsung technology could adjust each dome’s environment. This allowed adjustment to the light, temperature and moisture so that the plants could thrive and survive.

Here is a video of the amazing Samsung Event – so futuristic

Over the past year, many people had more time to discover cooking with fresh produce, and this experience continued to explore the possibility of growing ingredients yourself.

The mushrooms were grown from sealed bags of straw but can also be from old coffee grounds. I’m sure many coffee lovers out there will have a surplus of old coffee grounds, and by growing mushrooms, you’re giving the coffee a second life.

After picking the produce, Purezza were waiting to turn it into our very own pizza. It was a weirdly proud moment looking at the pizza that contained the fresh produce we had carefully picked. And we didn’t even grow it!

The experience urged me to start growing more plants for edible reasons and the satisfaction of knowing I produced them.

Do you grow any of your food? After smelling the dome of basil, the plants will replace the bunch of flowers that normally sit on the kitchen counter.

Source: Veganfooduk.co.uk