September 20, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

We had no idea vegan Toblerones existed, and they were very surprising

We went on a mission to find a vegan Toblerone and were very happy with what we found.


When we heard the news about Toblerone not releasing a vegan version of their much-loved non vegan chocolate bar, we went on a chocolate bar adventure to try and hunt down the best vegan chocolate bars that are as similar to our childhood favourites as possible.

We came across Fliss’s Fancy, a small vegan business hand-making all sorts of chocolate goodies. Not only do they sell these amazing Flisserone chocolate bars, they also sell truffles, Bueno bars, Fliss’s chocolate orange, Knickers and even biscoff-filled bars!

Fliss’s Fancy is owned by Emma and is based in Birmingham and they send their chocolate all over the UK. They’ve also recently taken over an old butchers and plan to turn it into a completely vegan bakers. This is such a huge move for veganism and we always love hearing these amazing stories.

See our short video review of the bar below

What chocolate bar do we need to discover a vegan version of next? Let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to find and tell the world about it!