November 5, 2021

If you’ve ever shopped at Whole Foods, you may have seen signs posted in the meat department that say things like “enriched environment” and “treated humanely.” But what a PETA investigator documented at a series of Pennsylvania turkey factory farms tied to a Whole Foods supplier reveals that these signs are probably worth less than the recycled paper they’re printed on.

In 2021, a PETA investigator worked for Plainville Farms, a New Oxford, Pennsylvania-based company that claims to produce “humane” turkey in a “stress-free environment.” After our investigation launched, Whole Foods suspended all purchasing from the company and pulled its products from store shelves, calling PETA’s footage “incredibly upsetting and unacceptable.” See for yourself:

PETA’s investigator saw workers attack birds to instill fear, to vent their frustration, or to relieve their boredom. Workers kicked and stomped on the turkeys as hard as they could. They threw birds through the air by the wing, neck, head, and snood. They threw them back and forth just for fun. They tied their snoods together and laughed as the terrified birds were jostled around in the packed confines of the chute. They hit them with an iron bar and stood on their heads. They choked and throttled them, and they wrung and broke their necks. They used the turkeys’ bodies to mimic sex acts.

Were You Misled by Plainville Farms’ ‘Humane’ Advertising? Let Us Know

If you bought Plainville Farms products based on the company’s promises of humane animal treatment, a stress-free environment for them, and a high standard of animal welfare and believe that you were misled about the true nature of these products, we want to hear from you. You have a right to know what you’re buying and what food you’re consuming. Please contact us to share your concerns by using the form below:

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