September 17, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

Hemp is one of the most sustainable food sources available in the UK – it actually absorbs C02 while it grows, making it a carbon-negative crop.

Since discovering the miraculous power of hemp in the 1990s on Collabear Farm in Devon, where it is still manufactured today, Good Hemp has been committed to making delicious products that make a difference to people and the planet.

To help you include more of this incredible superfood to your diet, we’ve teamed up with Good Hemp to give one lucky winner the chance to get their hands on a bundle of goodies, including the brand new Seed Milk, Oat + Hemp Milk and a snackable bag of Hemp Seed Hearts.

What’s included in the prize?

NEW! Good Hemp Oat + Hemp Milk (6 pack)

You’re going to be t-oat-ally obsessed with this new hemp and oat milk! Good Hemp has blended up sweet and creamy oats with light and nutty hemp to make the perfectly balanced plant drink of dreams.

This pairing of sustainable legends hits that spot between tasting delicious yet not too over-powering, tip into your tea, pour into porridge and swirl into smoothies.

Good Hemp Seed Milk (6 pack)

Just some little unsuspecting hemp seeds whizzed up to make a healthy and yummy drink that some might liken to milk. Not only will your taste buds thank you, the rest of your body will be grateful for all the omega-3 goodness.

Taste-wise, it’s more similar to a nut milk as it’s lighter and less sugary than dairy or oat milk which means it works really well in smoothies and cooking.

Hemp Seed Hearts