December 13, 2021

Published December 13, 2021 by Rebecca Maness.

Alicia Silverstone is an advocate for animals who fills her closet with pieces that are good for animals and the planet. Take a page from her book by building your winter wardrobe with the same values in mind. These flattering, fashionable sweater selections are ones that Alicia would love—they’re all wool-free, and many are made with recycled materials. Sheep are gentle individuals who are treated like machines in the wool industry. When you buy vegan clothing, you’re helping to build a better future for sheep and all animals.

H&M has partnered with PETA to create and launch a vegan fashion collection called “Co-Exist Story.” This new collection features knitwear made with innovative, animal-free materials, like this oversized sweater in super-soft, cable-knit chenille made from recycled polyester.

LBLC The Label, a vegan brand and a PETA Business Friend, offers this relaxed, oversized turtleneck, which could be the perfect cozy addition to your wardrobe.

This “PETA-Approved Vegan” cropped faux Sherpa jacket is made with a textured vegan wool for that cute teddy bear look.

For a classic look perfect for layering, choose this crewneck sweatshirt made of Triblend Fleece composed of 90% organic or recycled fibers. It is a carbon-neutral product and has a positive impact of 77.6 days of drinking water saved, 1.3 miles of driving emissions avoided, and 7.2 plastic bottles recycled.

MATE’s 100% organic thermal crop top is the epitome of luxurious winter loungewear. Compared to products that use non-organic materials, the production of this top involves 81.5% less water use, 20.3% fewer carbon emissions, and no pesticides or plastic. It’s also better for the environment when compared to the wool industry, which causes water pollution and land damage.

Apparis is a vegan brand known for its winter wear, including this deep V-neck sweater. It is made of 100% recycled polyester RE-KNIT fabric and features a flattering slouchy cut.

Recycled plastic bottles and textile waste are processed into polyester fibers for this soft, vintage-look turtleneck. It features a boxy fit that looks great with high-waisted denim.

This boxy crewneck is made of 100% cotton, sourced and knit in Peru. Tradlands is focused on creating “high-quality, timeless products through small-batch, responsible production” and “prolonging the life of clothing” to help reduce environmental impact. It also offers a “Worn Well Exchange” program that allows customers to resell gently worn Tradlands pieces, giving “new life to garments that are made to last.”

This round-neck sweater is made following Inditex’s Join Life standard, with viscose sourced from sustainably managed forests.

If you’re looking for a bold pattern, this sweater is for you. It’s part of Mango’s line of “Committed” products, which have been produced using “sustainable fibers or processes, reducing their environmental impact.”

Joie’s retro crewneck is light enough for layering with your favorite corduroy jacket.


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