December 7, 2021

Published December 7, 2021 by Rebecca Libauskas.

Working from home is an excellent arrangement for you and your animal companion. Who wouldn’t want to earn a living alongside a canine “coworker”? But as fun as that can be, dogs still have needs—they can become bored and lonely, even when you’re physically together in the same space. A daily routine that includes exercise, affection, and entertaining toys can help keep your dog happy and healthy.

Since you won’t be able to give your dog your undivided attention while you work, toys are essential. They help relieve boredom when you have to pay attention to your computer screen or hop on a Zoom call, and they provide your dog with stress relief, exercise, and relaxation. So, check out this list of eight toys to keep those tails wagging.

This plush toy will give your canine companion hours of entertainment and exercise while you’re working from home—plus, it supports a good cause. For every toy sold, Bears for Humanity will donate a toy to an ignored “backyard” dog through PETA’s Community Animal Project.

peta shop dog toy

This interactive treat dispenser is sure to capture your dog’s attention. It requires problem-solving skills, giving your dog some mental stimulation while you’re focused on work.

Your dog will love this amusing, colorful ball. It lights up, moves, and makes sounds automatically, giving your dog a “playmate” while you work.

Where’s the treat? Dogs can use their fantastic sense of smell and burn off some energy while they find snacks hidden in this mat.

Eating can be a game! This slow-feed pad is a fun way to savor every morsel. Plus, eating more slowly can be better for your dog’s digestion.

Dogs love variety, so why not get yours a large set of chew toys? Chewing is a dog’s way of naturally maintaining strong jaws and clean teeth. This set includes rope toys, a rubber toothbrush stick, a banana toy, a rubber bone, and a Frisbee.

When you’re tied up with meetings and deadlines, this toy can give your dog an exciting activity. Its strong suction cups allow your dog to tug, bite, and chew without needing you to hold the other end of the rope.

Vegan Dog Treats

OK, these tasty treats aren’t dog toys, but your good boy or girl does deserve a treat now and then. These 100% organic vegan cookies are handmade especially for PETA by Threepaws Gourmet.

PETA Presents

Help bring some comfort and joy to a lonely, neglected dog who is kept chained or penned outdoors—give a PETA Present. Your gift can provide a durable toy, nutritious food, a sturdy doghouse, and more.


Work can place heavy demands on our time and attention, but one of our most important jobs is keeping our animal companions safe, healthy, and happy. If you’re thinking about adding a canine companion to your family, remember: Adopt, don’t shop! Never buy a dog from a pet store, local breeder, Craigslist advertisement, or neighbor—why buy when there are millions of dogs waiting in shelters to be adopted? Every animal purchased takes a chance at adoption away from a homeless dog. If you’re ready for the commitment of welcoming a new canine family member into your home, the only responsible way to do so is to adopt from a reputable shelter.

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