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World Leading Leather Tannery’s Partnership With Bolt Threads Marks Its First Foray Into Alt Leather in 100 Years

October 21, 2021
From Vegconomist

World Leading Leather Tannery’s Partnership With Bolt Threads Marks Its First Foray Into Alt Leather in 100 Years – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • October 21, 2021


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    , which produces the famous mushroom leather, is set to upscale with the help of conventional tannery , an industry leader that works with notable companies such as Porsche and furniture company Rolf Bennz. The collaboration with Bolt Threads marks the first time the tannery has worked with a material other than conventional leather.

    According to Bolt Threads, Heller-Leder’s willingness to work with Mylo is a testament to the material’s quality, functionality, and durability. The company claims these features are on par with conventional leather.

    Bolt Threads is increasing production to gear up for the first commercial launches of Mylo, which will take place next year in collaboration with Stella McCartney, lululemon, and adidas

    Heller-Leder Bolt Threads
    © Heller-Leder

    Earlier this month, Stella McCartney debuted a at Paris Fashion Week, after previously creating . Lululemon unveiled over the summer, while adidas revealed it was working on in January.

    Last month, Mylo was officially verified as a vegan material after successfully completing tests by the .

    “A planet of 10 billion people cannot live like a planet of 1 billion people,” said Libby Sommer, Director of Sustainability at Bolt Threads. “In our resource-constrained world, now is the time for meaningful innovation to develop eco-friendly alternatives to the materials people know and love.”

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