October 4, 2021
From Vegan Life

Popular ice cream brand Jude’s has brought out a new vegan chocolate shake to increase their plant-based offerings

Jude’s, Britain’s first carbon negative ice cream company has released its first vegan milk shake as part of its ongoing commitment to expand its plant-based range. This vegan chocolate shake, served in a recyclable can, is the ideal ‘on the go’ treat.

Featuring Jude’s iconic stripes, green ‘plant-based’ badge and crafted with a cocoa and coconut blend, this shake is smooth, rich and oh so chocolatey.  Chow Mezger, managing director, and founder Jude’s son, says: “In recent years we’ve been regularly asked for some delicious plant-based drinks, so we are delighted to extend our range with this new plant-based offering.”

vegan chocolate shake

“It’s been crafted to be incredibly smooth, chocolatey and delicious and is aligned with our commitment that 50 per cent of our range will be plant-based by 2023.”

“As Jude’s removes 10 per cent more CO2 from the atmosphere than is emitted through its supply chain, this new shake is also carbon negative. The shake is a perfect ‘on the go’ treat with a 100 per cent recyclable can.”

Jude’s vegan Chocolate Shake is available in Sainsbury’s now (RRP £1.50 per 250ml can).


Source: Veganlifemag.com